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Big Book Bundle - Chuck a U-ey, Motel & Scorcher
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Chuck a U-ey - Images of Australians and their cars

Australians tend only to add -ey to words describing something they love. And Australians love cars. Aside from the A-to-B solution in a land of sweeping plains and dual carriageways, our cars are nicely parked in our memories. Chuck a U-ey is a pictorial road trip celebrating Australia’s relationship with its four-wheeled friend.

Soft cover - 210mm x 210mm x 8mm - 80 pages. 

Written by Tim Ross. 

Motel - Images of Australians on holidays 

Tim Ross captures the heyday of Australia’s motels via a deep trawl through the National Archives, presenting a fascinating slideshow of Australians on holidays between 1950 and 1989.

A pictorial love letter to a somewhat bygone era, it captures the accessible glamour and car-friendly convenience of the road-side motel, from Gold Coast ‘palaces’ to out-of-the-way comfort stops (some with attached restaurant! Dinner: 6.30-8pm).

2023 Revised Edition - Soft cover - 210mm x 210mm x 8mm - 80 pages. 

Written by Tim Ross. 


Comedian Tim Ross uses the Australian summer as a back drop for a new collection of nostalgic short stories punctuated by evocative archival photos depicting the joys of summers past.

The soft crash of waves that blissfully block out all other noise, the smell of two-stroke and lawn clippings, the first sip of cold beer, the laboured whir of the ceiling fan, the sound of a bag of ice hitting the pavement, that feeling of salt on skin and even the smell of prawns on bin night.

Paperback - 130mm x 195mm - 100 pages

Written by Tim Ross.